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Tourism & tour guiding · 10. March 2019
There is a lot do discover on the British Isles. The diversity is worth a visit. With the Brexit people seem to have gained interest in that country, disconnected from the European mainland. The British Isles have several things in common, are connected through their history and yet, they are different and diverse. There is a lot of culture, old and new, cities for shopping and nightlife, landscape with lakes and mountains, castles and coastal life. ...
Tourismus & Reiseleitung · 12. August 2018
Finde heraus, warum Conwy einen Besuch wert ist und wie du mit der Strassenrsituation umgehst. Es geht auch um die Distanzen and wo du was findest.
Tourism & tour guiding · 29. July 2018
Find out about why it is worth visiting Conwy and how to deal with the driving situation. You will also read about distances and where to find what.