THE tour guide job

It is a great opportunity to travel, network with people from around the world, get to know new places


Do not confuse TOUR GUIDING with CITY TOUR GUIDES, who only work in one location.

Tour guides need strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate information clearly.

The international English language is the most important language you need.

The job also requires an orientation towards customer service and leadership skills to meet tourists' expectations and make tours run smoothly. A love of learning is an asset because tour guides must stay current with new information about their area of expertise.  

A tour guide plans tours and leads visitors through points of interest while providing useful and interesting information.

Many guides organize bus tours, walking tours or a combination of both. It means that you have to organize public transportation, such as a train or park shuttle, including backpacking, cycling or even rafting.   

Guides must solve everyday problems, such as transportation delay or emergencies.  

The tour guide in a historical place needs specialized knowledge of the subject, whether it is a building, an art collection or a person of interest.