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perfectionised with fun everywhere, independent from place, flexible German and english. safe time specialisation on topic, focussed online learning. language is everywhere, shapes the world, that's why everything is possible with it.


Brushed-up CV with certificates


Study locally independent and flexible with fun


Safe time, profit from what had already been created

why study a new language?

Travel the world self-confident

Communicate, live, get what you want independently in the countries of your choice!

You discover people and cultures with your own eyes completely independent from full-blown origanisations.

Reach your career goal

Do what you have always wanted to do! Control your career with languages. Brush-up your CV. You make an intelligent impression.

Be more intelligent

The science of linguistics has evidence for a positive effect of studying additional languages on more areas of our intelligence. Our brains and therefore we, become more flexible and intelligent.

More perspectives within arts and culture

Get insight into the beautiful worlds of the art of language, arts, culture, which could become that fascinating by language diversity.

Business trips and communication

Make business trips possible. Your customers, business partners, potential employers understand you and you understand what they want.

Network and talk to more people

More options, private and in business, by extending your networking possibilities.

course offer

eLearning German English

specialised in topic, tailored

Specialised in Elearning, Onlinetraining.

Tailored to the the company, your topic.

Get and keep customers by tailored jargon.

Englischkurse online

tailored to topic

time saving

economic with resources

Communicate and network with customers, guests.

Superior performances.

Within and outside of your country.

German courses online

tailored to topic

time saving

economic with resources

Communicate where you need it.

Study flexibel and locally incependent online.

Safe time by studying sustainably.

Fun with studying.

famous language courses

Practical English for real estate specialists

Negotiate securely with potential tenants, buyers, customers

Interactive online course

10 weeks, 2 teaching units each

Tailored for the real estate industry



German individually

Available for companies, groups, single persons

Save time, study what you need

Improved self-confidence

Find out about your best way of progressing

Study locally independently

Network in any language

Many contacts world-wide

No matter with whom and where: Network in any language!

Tools for public speaking

Tips for your communication

Lead the conversation

Why study with us?

More than 20 years experience

Various collection of paedagogical methods with students from 50 countries

Fundamental foundation of linguistic expertise

More than 3000 graduates

Slim administration

Flexible organisation

Specialised in online learning since 2011

Motivation on all levels

Co-Working spaces
Co-Working spaces
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Kurse für Immobilienspezialistinnen
Kurse für Immobilienspezialistinnen
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Fortbildung und Kurse für Freuenunternehmen
Fortbildung und Kurse für Freuenunternehmen

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