Networking: With Light Speed to any Language


more turnover, enjoy the job more, more quality

COACHING for work travellers!


Turnover, contacts, higher quality through quality coaching!


Start today by impressing with your extended language skills!


You want to get in contact with locals, even when you only stay for a short time?


Constantly on the move with work is very appealing:

Always getting new impressions, getting to know new clients new cultures and people.

The key to networking is communication with people.


Learn how to communicate in ANY language with people from ANYWHERE, within an extremely short periode of time!


Every communication is successful like that and we gain new clients, friends and acquaintences in an instant.

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Online Coaching for quick networking through target language

Online / private coaching

Meet me in an online space of your choice and we can get started immedately. In half an hour you already know a lot about how you communicate soon with people of any linguistic background to increase your income, contacts, turnover and quality!

group coaching for networking in any language

Group coaching

Together we are strong. We learn from each other and in a team and with workshops, how we network with clients, guests of any cultural & language group.

Public speaking

Enthusiasm for the crowd!

I am happy to show an audience, how it gains and keeps clients, talks every language to contact with anyone quickly!


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